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Who can wear Rudraksha?

Rudraksha Beads help to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life, they do not have any negative effects like gemstones and can be worn by everyone, irrespective of sex, age, religion, culture etc.

Vishnavadidevabhaktashcha dharayeyuma samshayah |
Rudrabhakto visheshena rudrakshandharayetsada || 62 ||

Devotees of Vishnu and other God worshippers can also wear rudraksha, there is no doubt about it. Devotees of Shiva especially have to daily wear rudraksha (Shiva Mahapurana, Vidyeshwarasamhita, Chapter 25, Khanda 61 to 90).
Shastra quotes: “Na vaishnavanam-yatha-shamboh” ‘There is NO Vaishnava equal to Shamboo!’. Padma Puranam, Chapter 57: Sri Bhagavan uvaca: “If a man always wears a Rudraksa, especially with fourteen mouths, permeated with God’s auspicious power, he is always honoured and blessed by the demigods due to the greatness of his religious merit.” — THIS is Lord Vishnu speaking!
Srimad Devi Bhagavat 11th Canto, Chap. 2. Lord Vishnu said: “A man wearing fourteen mukhi Rudraksa becomes highly auspicious, like Lord Shiva. Anyone who wears even one Rudraksha seed is always admired like saintly men and deities and can even attain liberation.”
Srimad Devi Bhagavat 11th Canto, Chapter V verse 25 to 26 it is stated, “The desire for wearing Rudraksha is the result of attaining the perfection of knowledge and Blessings of God during previous births.”

Rudraksha Kevalam Vapi Yatra Kutra Mahamate
Sumantrakam Va Mantren Rahitam Bhava Varjitam

Yo Va ko Va naro Bhaktya Dharyellajjayapi Va Sarvapap Vinirmukta Samyagjnanam An Vapnuyat Rudraksha can be worn by chanting mantra or without chanting it, with reverence or without it, with devotion or without it, with shame or without the same i.e. with whatsoever procedure a man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all kinds of sins and gets knowledge as well.

Importance of Rudraksha

Mlechkhho Vapi chandalo Yukto Va sarvapatakai,
Rudraksha Dharayedyastu Sa Rudra Natra sanshaya

Those men who are Mlechchhas and Chandalas (impious, inhumane, untouchables) and those who are full of all kinds of vices, even they will attain to the state of Lord Rudra, by wearing Rudraksha and meditating on it. There is no doubt about it.

Dhyan dharan Henoapi Rudraksham Dharaya Budhah,
Sarvapap Vinirmukto sa yati Paramam gatim

A man with meditation and perseverance and a wise man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all the sins accumulated and attains the supreme goal of the human life.

The origin of the Holy Rudraksha

There are slightly different statements found in the different Puranas, but the most complete account is given by Lord Shiva Himself in the Vidyesvarasamhita Chapter 25 Parts 1 to 95

Part 3

O sages formerly the greatness of Rudraksha was declared to the Goddess by Lord Shiva, the compassionate one, for rendering help to the suffering worlds.

Part 4

O Maheshani be pleased to hear the greatness of Rudraksha. I speak out of love for the benefit of the devotees of Shiva.

Part 5 to 7

O Maheshani formerly I had been performing penance for thousands of divine years. Although I had performed it rigorously, my mind was in a flutter. Out of sport I being self-possessed just opened my eyes O Goddess from a desire of helping the worlds. Drops of tears fell from my beautiful half closed eyes. From those tears there cropped up the Rudraksa plants.

Part 19

The wearing of the Rudraksha is recommended for the sake of destroying sins………meaning pain and suffering. The Compassionate Lord Shiva with eyes closed in deep Silence performing penance was interrupted by the pain and suffering of the worlds. Acknowledging the cause of his interrupted State of Consciousness His immediate Desire was to help the worlds.

To accomplish this task Lord Siva used the Power of Compassion and Love from thousands of divine years of Penance. He spoke out of Love for the devotees of Shiva. He was so aware of the pain and suffering of the Mankind and Womankind that drops of tears fell from his beautiful half closed eyes. His tears produced the Rudraksha plants that create the Rudraksa Beads for the worlds to use as protective aids to destroy pain and suffering on the path to final Liberation and Salvation.

The Power and psychology behind this thinking and action is perfect. If you take away a humans pain and suffering, then Happiness floods the lifetime…….. as Happiness and Bliss work on the Jiva or human soul, then the experience of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha (righteousness – economic development – sensual enjoyment – ultimate liberation) are brought into balance on a consistent basis. An example of what takes place due to this newfound Freedom in Life is an acceleration of Spiritual Growth in one lifetime that might normally take 10 lifetimes.

The Rudraksha as described in the Shiva Mahapurana, Vidyesvara-samhita Chapter 25 Parts 61 to 90

Panchadevapriyashchaiva sarvadevapriyastatha |
Sarvamantranjapedbhakto Rudrakshamalaya priye || 61 ||

Shiva told Parvati, “My love, any God can be worshipped with the Rudraksha which is dear to the five Gods (Panchayatan meaning Ganesha, Surya, Devi, Vishnu and Shiva) as well as other Gods.

Vishnavadidevabhaktashcha dharayeyurna samshayaha |
Rudrabhakto visheshena Rudrakshandharayetsada || 62 ||

Devotees of Vishnu and other Gods can also wear Rudraksha, there is no doubt about it. Devotees of Shiva especially have to daily wear Rudraksha.

Rudraksha vividhaha protastesham bhedanvadamyaham |
Shrinu parvati sadbhaktya bhuktimuktifalapradan || 63 ||

Hey Parvati, Rudraksha are of different types. It provides salvation. I will tell you the secrets of them. You listen carefully.

Ekavaktrah shivah sakshadbhuktimuktifalaprad|
Tasya darshanamatrena brahmahatyam vyapohati || 64 ||

Single faced Rudraksha is Shiva himself, which provides the fruits of salvation and liberation. Only its glimpse will rectify brahma-hatya.

Yatra sampujitastatra laxmirdurtara nahi |
Nashyantyupadravah sarve sarvakama bhavanti hi || 65 ||

Wherever Rudraksha is worshipped, Laxmi is never far, peace will overcome tremors and all wishes will be fulfilled.

Dvivaktro devadeveshah sarvakamafalapradah |
Visheshatah sa Rudraksho govadham nashayeddrutam || 66 ||

Two faced Rudraksha fulfils ones wishes. This is the form of Devdeveshwar. It immediately purifies the sin of killing a cow.

Trivaktro yo hi Rudrakshah sakshatsadhanadah sada |
Tatprabhavadbhaveyurvai vidhyah sarvah pratishthitah || 67 ||

Three faced Rudraksha directly delivers the fruits of sadhana. All education are distinguished by its effect.

Charturvaktrah svayam brahma narahatyam vyapohati |
Darshanatsparshanatsadyaschaturvargafalapradah || 68 ||

Four faced Rudraksha is the form of Lord Brahma. It eliminates the sin of human killing. Its darshan (glimpse) delivers the fruits of religion, wealth, sex and moksha.

Panchavaktrah svayam rudrah kala-agnir namatah prabhu |
Sarvamuktipradashchaiva sarvakamafalapradah || 69 ||

Five faced Rudraksha is the form of Lord Kala-agni Rudra. This Rudraksha delivers all liberation and fulfils all wishes.

Agamyagamanam papamabhakshayasya cha bhakshanam |
Ityadisarvapapani panchavaktro vyapohati || 70 ||

Sins arising from adultery and consuming uneatable foods are rinsed by five faced Rudraksha
Shadvaktrah kartikeyastu dharanaddakshine bhuje |
Brahmahatyadikai: papairmuchyate natra samshayah || 71 ||
Six faced Rudraksha is the form of Lord Kartikeya. This has to be worn on the right hand. There is no doubt that it rinses the sin of Brahma-hatya.
Saptavaktro maheshani hyanango nama namatah |
Dharanattasya deveshi daridropishvaro bhawet || 72 ||
Hey Parvati, the seven faced Rudraksha is the form of Ananga. Wearing this makes one God out of pauper
Rudrakshaschastavaktrashcha vasumurtishcha bhairava |
Dharanattasya purnayurmrito bhavati shulabhrit || 73 ||
Eight faced Rudraksha is the form of Asthamurthi Bhairav. Attiring this Rudraksha delivers complete life span and even after death one attains to the form of Trishuldhari Shiva
Bhairavo navavaktrashcha kapilashcha munih smritah |
Durga va tadadhishthatri navarupa maheshvari || 74 ||

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