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Rudra” is a name of Lord Shiva whereas “Aksha” means tears. 

The word Rudraksha has its etymological beginnings in the two Sanskrit words Rudra and Aksha meaning Lord Shiva and Teardrops respectively. According to “Shiva Purana”, Lord Shiva once went into deep meditation for the well being of all living creatures. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and tear drops fell on the Earth. These tear drops took the form of seeds that later on became the Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha therefore means ‘The Tear of Lord Shiva’. The dry seed-capsules from the Rudraksha tree form the rudraksha beads, which are being used as a rosary and are also worn as a chain.

Lord Shiva is always portrayed wearing rosaries of Rudraksha beads on his head, arms and hands. With this came the religious and spiritual significance of Rudraksha. It is believed that the seed of Rudraksha contains the secrets of the entire evolution of the cosmos within it. The sages and yogis of the himalayas, who live according to the Eternal Natural Law of Sanatana Dharma, have always been wearing Rudraksha for centuries for a fearless life on their path to spiritual Enlightenment and Liberation.

Devotees dedicated to Lord Shiva always wear Rudraksha as rosaries which are used in meditation; it helps to maintain good health, to gain self-empowerment and a fearless life. Rudraksha are noted for their divine protection and are worn on the body singly or as chains (Mala).

Botanically, the holy rudraksha tree is known as ‘Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb’ and belongs to the family Tiliaceae, a large evergreen broad-leaved tree with a wide crown. Altitude-wise, its habitat starts from sea-coast and goes up to 2,000 meters. Geographically it is found growing naturally and abundantly in tropical and subtropical areas. The trees are perennial in habitat. The trees are almost 15 to 60 meter in height. This tree grows fast and carries these seeds/fruits within seven years. These trees are mostly found in abundance in Nepal, in the Himalayan slopes and also in parts of India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its English name is Utrasum Bead Tree. In Indonesia the Rudraksha Tree is called Ganitri Tree or Jenitri Tree. Around 70% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Indonesia, 25% in Nepal and 5% in India.

Rudraksha beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. Rudraksha beads are covered by an outer shell of blue colour on fully ripening, so they are also called blueberry beads and the sweet tasting fruit flesh can be used for treatment of various diseases. It is kept in water for a number of days and then Rudraksha is taken out after peeling off the pulp and brushing it clean.

Rudraksha is a rare gift of nature to mankind in the sense, that most beads come with a natural hole drilled in the centre, as if nature intended man to use the rudraksha bead to form a chain. Such rudraksha beads are considered especially auspicious. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolise the link between earth and heaven, between man and god. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also a source to reach the higher self.

Each seed also possesses from 1 to 32 vertical lines running down its surface, like the longitude lines on a globe. These lines are known as mukhi, or faces, and are natural formations of the seed. Seeds with one vertical line are known as Eka-mukhi (one facet), which are very rare; those with two lines are (two facets), and so on. Each bead has different effects on the wearer, depending on the number of mukhi or faces it has. Each of the many types of Rudraksha Beads have a governing Deity and specific powers and properties.

As per the Vedic scriptures, Rudraksha beads possess mystical and divine properties and can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent.They offer protection to the wearer. No other bead is considered to be as auspicious and powerful as a Rudraksha.

Legend has it that when Lord Shiva opened his eyes after many years of penance, a few tear drops fell upon the earth and grew into trees bearing rudraksha fruits.  Rudraksha beads are electromagnetic in nature. When worn around the chest, they enhance and align with our own body field. The metal components like radium, copper, manganese, iron, gold and silver are present in alkaloid forms in the beads and react in a positive manner when they come in contact with the skin. Providing a form of acupressure, when they touch the skin they gently massage the muscles, which helps in proper blood flow and keeps stress at bay.

Experts say that the beads are non-toxic in nature, have anti inflammatory and nootropic properties. The latter helps in memory retention and enhancement. The beads also help control blood pressure, diabetes and is cardio protective in nature. Experts believe that the compound, Indoligizidesene Alkaloid, found in the beads might help combat various chronic illness; the research continues. “Our sedentary lifestyle has invited many lifestyle diseases and we are going away from nature. Wearing rudraksha brings us closer to nature and is beneficial.”

The unique properties and divine powers of Rudraksha have been described in the authentic Shastras like the Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad, Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, Devi Purana and Bhagavat Purana. The benefits of this miraculous bead have been flowing to the users/ wearers from time immemorial. Rudraksha, is the most powerful and awesome bead ever, offering protection to its wearer. This bead can help you achieve all you want – a healthy mind, body and soul, a wealthy life that many dream of and only some achieve, and a happy soul.

Rudraksha comes in many sizes and faces also called “mukhi” meaning “the clefts or furrows or faces on the surface”. According to Shastra (Scripture) there are up to21 mukhi or faces found on Rudraksha, but Rudraksha of 1 to 14 mukhi are the most commonly available ones and 4, 5 or 6 are the vast majority. 80% of the Rudraksha found are with 5 mukhi. It is very rough, hard and tough and can be boiled in hot water for hours without problem. This procedure is sometimes used for testing rare and expensive Rudraksha from the Market for it’s genuineness. To verify the authenticity of the numbers of mukhi, an x-ray photo can be taken as well.but x ray radiation damages inner seed of Rudraksh better buy it from authentic source.

Each mukhi Rudraksha has unique properties and provides various scientific, medical and spiritual benefits. Rudraksha comes in four basic shades: pale yellowish, brown and black. The different colours relate to quality of beads.


While many people have claimed on respective websites and books that Rudraksha are produced in countries like India, (Assam), Indonesia and many other countries, it is not wholly accurate.

Beads produced in Nepal are called “Rudraksha“

Beads have clear lines (mukhi), with natural hole, round to oval shape and each mukhi has a tiny seed inside it. One can see the bead varies from one mukhi to twenty-nine mukhi. Nowadays no higher mukhi-numbers can be found. Size of the beads is generally above 15 mm size.

Beads produced in India are called “Bhadrakshas“

Beads produced look like Nepali rudraksha but the surface is smooth with some design throughout the surface of beads .The bead doesn’t have natural hole and human drilling is needed for this beads to put on a mala or for wearing.

Beads produced in Indonesia are called “Indrakshas“

The size is very small. It doesn’t have clear mukhi. There is just marking of lines without groove and deep depression. No natural hole and generally the lines are not so clearly visible.


Around the world many Therapist has done extensive research on rudrakshas. “Rudraksha seeds are bipolar seeds. They have magnetic belts of their own; higher the mukhi, higher the circles of magnetism. One needs to increase the magnetic field of their body since it helps in combating diseases and ageing.”

The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprised of the central nervous system. Modern day researchers have proven that the Rudraksh bead has powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic & inductive properties that vary according to the different faces or mukhis.

Rudraksh have the power that helps in controlling lifestyle related ailments like stress & anxiety. It is a natural healing bead worn since ages for success, self-confidence growth, blood pressure control, mental stress & anxiety control, material growth and marital/family bliss.

Doctors confirm that 85% of the ailments are psychosomatic or stress related. The modern day nerve edge lifestyle with intense competition & the continuous fight for survival & prosperity has lead to a tremendous increase in stress leading to ailments like Insomnia, depression, maladjustment, heart disease, skin diseases etc. hence the need to equip one’s self against the sudden surprises thrown by life on physical, mental, material or spiritual level.

Astrological Relevance on Rudraksh

The planets are celestial bodies that manifest their powers on human beings & other organic lives.Astrologers & Pandits worldwide are of the opinion that planets have influence on various aspects of our lives such as personality, love, intelligence, spirituality, career, finance, health and death.

“ Rudraksh” therapy is considered to be very effective in correcting the bad planetary effects on human life. The time tested, age old ‘Rudraksh’ therapy is suggested, by Rudrajyoothi – A Internationally acclaimed Organisation dealing only in genuine and rare Rudraksh, as per purpose and specific problems of an individual or as per the Numero-Astrological interpretations of One’s Date Of Birth.

According To Raj Nighantu And Shaligram Nighantu:

“Rudraksha mala mushnancha, vataghna, kaphanashana, shirorthi, ruchiyam, bhutagrah vinashanam”

Rudraksha contains more natural vitamin ‘c’ (Amla) which increases the body power against any disease. Rudraksha is hot in nature, hence it helps in proper blood circulation, equal distribution of energy to all the parts of human body and melts out the excess quantity of cholesterol in the blood and thus keeps the heart from ailments away. It is vatagna, hence Rudraksha plays a vital role in treating chest pain and in early stage of rheumatic pains, and will not allow any further complications to grow in Rheumatic cases and also works for mental alertness and makes man feel mentally and spiritually hale and healthy. Rudraksha is also kaphanashak, hence it has curative effect on early stage of asthma, various allergies, rhinitis, obesity, unwanted over swelling, etc.

It is also having characteristics of “Shirorthi Shamanam” which means having curative qualities of head diseases which includes mainly mental diseases, eyes, nose, ears and throat ailments. It is Ruchyam, which means, it is used to cure stomach ailments especially, indigestion, gases, tastelessness of tongue, etc. Bhutagrah, Vinashanam hence cures the various bad effects of evil spirits and planetary afflictions. Thus Rudraksha has a great role on central nervous system’s regulations and normalisation of physical and mental health.

In Ayurveda much significance is given to planetary position, condition of stars and moon like amavasya or poornima, while treating the patients, which have definite effects on human body and the diseases. Hence it is rightly said in the above shloka that Rudraksha is Bhuta Graha Vinashak.

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