Rudraksh In Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Rudraksha is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, allergies, neurological diseases, asthma, diabetes, cancer and many other Raktavaha Srotadhikara (blood circulatory disorders) and Manas Rogas (mental disorders), due to its Guru (heaviness),Snigdha Guna (greasy nature) Madhura Rasa, Madhura Vapaka and Sita Virya (cooling properties) and Vata Pitta samaka pharmacodynamic action. On the basis of above mentioned pharmacodynamic properties and actions the significance of various types of beads of Rudraksha. (Actually it is a phalasthi (fruit) which is the used part of this tree) can be considered as follows. External use-External therapeutic uses of Rudraksha can be performed by Darsana (By looking like tratak in Yoga) and Sparsana (By wearing, and pressing the beads).

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