Chakra Dhyan

Chakra dhyan- Rudraksh Therapy helps in
chakra balancing and helps in dhyana (Meditation)

Divvya Dhyan clearly means worship or profound and abstract meditation and concentrating on the powers of the divine one, thus the name “Divvya Dhyan”. The attributes and philosophy of the terms Divvya Dhyan lie in the fact that the different Rudraksh synergized with meditative powers yields results which are benefactor to the entire being of the individual use.

  1. Root chakra (Muladhara)
  2. Navel chakra (Swadhisthana)
  3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
  4. Heart chakra (Anahata)
  5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha)
  6. Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

Muladhara Dhyan‘(Root Chakra)

‘The chakra for growth The proper functioning of this chakara results in sound physical, mental & materialistic growth. The people with this chakara blocked have a struggle to achieve their basic issues of food, shelter & clothing. These people are much unsecured about their future. They are always complaining about losing or changing jobs, not set’

Rudraksh – 13 mukhi and 9 mukhi ,8 mukhi Rudraksh

Svadishthana Dhyan‘(Naval Chakra)

‘This chakara deals with the issue of sex. The people with this chakara performing normally have a good sexual life whereas the people in whom this chakara is blocked have problems with their sexual life. They keep complaining that they cannot connect with their wife/husband; do not have long term relationships.

Rudraksh – 13 mukhi and 9 mukhi ,7 mukhi Rudraksh

Manipur Dhyan‘(Solar Plexus)

‘The chakra for power The individuals with this chakra working smoothly have a good control over things happening in their life & around. The people with this chakra blocked are always worried about something or other. They feel that things are not in their control as everything is not happening their way. These people are also prone to commit suicide’

Rudraksh – 11mukhi and 10 mukhi ,3 mukhi Rudraksh

Anahata Dhyan‘(Heart Chakra)

‘The chakra for love The people with this chakra open are very lovable. They receive and give love very easily. They are good, committed lovers and faithful friends on the other hand the people with this chakra blocked cannot feel the love of other people and are unable to show love too. These people can also be possessive & demanding in a relation’

Rudraksh – Gaurishankar Rudraksh and 2 mukhi ,12mukhi Rudraksh

Vishuddha Dhyan‘(Throat Chakra)

‘The individuals with this chakara opened have high esteem they are confident to try new challenges. While the people with this chakra blocked are not outspoken or outgoing, they have low self esteem. Do not stand up & give an opinion. They do not have a thirst for knowledge and talent. The physical problems associated with this chakra are those related to throat, thyroid problems, speech problems, etc. e.g. Bill Gates is a renowned celebrity in the computer industry & one of the most richest persons in the world but if our railway minister Laloo Prasad Yadav talking on one channel & Bill Gates on another people will prefer listening to Laloo Yadav than Bill Gates, this is because Laloo Prasad Yadav has a large throat chakara.’

Rudraksh –3 mukhi and 9 mukhi ,7mukhi Rudraksh

Ajna Dhyan‘(Third eye Chakra)

‘This chakra is directly related to one s creativity. The people with this chakra opened are creative & have new ideas which they are not afraid of implementing. They are deep thinkers. They accept good ideas also readily whereas the people with this chakra not functioning are laid back; they do not want to try out something new, they are happy they way they are. They do not like change. They never ask the question why, they take things as they come. Blockage of this chakra causes physical problems like brain tumours, cancer, sinus, headaches, etc. e.g. in jewellery factories there are some artisans who cannot make an original design but if someone gives them a picture of some design they can make an exact copy, these people have their front ajna chakra blocked but posterior open whereas there are some people who come up with new creative design just by sketching on a rough sheet of paper.’

Rudraksh – 14 mukhi and 15 mukhi ,16mukhi Rudraksh

Sahasarara Dhyan‘( Crown Chakra)

‘The topmost chakra is our direct connection with the space. This chakara is always open because it s our link to life itself. The individuals with this chakra partially blocked do not show any belief in spirituality or holy beings. They are materialistic & have a very practical approach towards life. They put every thing in the value of money. This chakra is inactive only when the person is dead.’

Rudraksh – 14 mukhi and 15 mukhi ,16mukhi Rudraksh

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