Rudrajyoothi was formed with an objective to spread awareness and knowledge about the properties, power, and efficacy of much renowned yet Mystical bead Rudraksh and benefit mankind in the process of doing so.

We at Rudrajyoothi strongly believe that we are providing mankind a service with what we are doing. We provide the best quality of Rudraksha beads at their fair price. We believe the calling for anyone to wear Rudraksha comes from within and if you hear such a calling in your life contact us and we will guide you on your journey!

Devotion to Rudraksh does not come without reason and you get Rudraksh only if it is in your destiny or good fortune. After several Births and that too by getting the blessing of Lord Shiva, a person gets the desire to wear Rudraksh. This desire comes within naturally.

One of the Main objectives of our esteemed organization is to actively provide guidance and support on the most suited Rudraksh for the individual, based on numerological interpretation and other factors.

At Rudrajyoothi we have a unique method of suggesting Rudraksh and Yantra, stones as a form of healing therapy based on problems an individual is facing and numerological interpretation of one’s Date of Birth. We also promote Bio jewellery (Spiritual Jewellery item studded with stones & Rudraksh)

Our organization has deeply researched the old ways and we intend to spread awareness and propagate knowledge about ancient age-old therapies which have been depicted in our Puranas & Vedas. At Rudrajyoothi we focus on the wholesome wellbeing of individuals right from material, mental & spiritual wellbeing. We will help you flourish and achieve peace and satisfaction in all these aspects.

We are based in Mumbai since 2016, after long years of Research &Practicing and study on the efficacy of Rudraksh beads and it benefits and uses for different individuals.

Founder of our organisation is Mr ARVIND P. BANKAAR is well connected with this trade and working experience of more than 15 years in the varied sphere of this & service industry with the strong liking of occult sciences and a deep interest in healing therapies & Rudraksha Science. Being a well-known artefact, people are still unaware of its benefits and uses and to propagate the knowledge and awareness is his primary objective.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We build relationships that always make positive impact in their lives. We focus 100% on long term customer satisfaction.


We provide outstanding, genuine & premium products combined with our focus on providing unmatched service. This helps us deliver premium value to our esteemed customers.


We at Rudrajyoothi take pride in upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.


We work as a team, our good intentions are directed towards benefiting our customers. Any work with good intention always bears the best results is what we believe in.

Respect for People

We value all human being, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. We encourage development of all with our holistic approach.

Personal Accountability

We are personally accountable for the services and products we provide to our esteemed clients. We put our heart and soul into everything we do.

Our Mission

Our mission at Rudrajyoothi is touch a billion hearts and help individuals achieve their goals and dreams while guiding them to lead better lives, with the help of Rudraksha Therapy.


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