Bless your life and Manifest your intention by wearing Rudraksha.

The Divine conjunction that’s happening on 21st December 2020. This is once in a million divine power alignment of two wisdom bound celestial beings.

 Sage Brihaspati and Lord Shaneshwara (embodies by planet Jupiter and Saturn) which ensure us that we join them to hold 4 sacred pillars of Humanity, i.e. Satya (truth), Dharma (Duty), Shanti( Peace) and Prema (Love).

Guru of Gods, Brihaspati(Planet Jupiter) to protect us and guide us along the path to the true spiritual wisdom and the lord Shaneshwara , an incarnation of Shiva, symbol of  Truth to help us to address out our Karma and align our awareness in a  greater Harmony with Divine Reality.

Brihaspati (Jupiter) is also known as a Guru, his celestial counterpart, Shukracharya, the Guru of Asura(Demons), having taken the physical form of the Planet Venus, tests our desire and attachment. The Greatest of the celestial Nine, Shani, the Planet Saturn, directly plays his part in Spiritual Growth, from lifetime to lifetime, as the one that reveals our highest truth.

Shani carries a big stick like our School teacher; He accepts no compromises and does not entertain an excuse, that’s why he is Divine Teacher. Despite his greatness, Sadesathi (7 and half years), during which Saturn transits the Zodiacal Sign of the Moon in your birth chart is promoted as the most challenging time in any personal life and it usually happens 2 to 3 times in each of us. 

Yes, with this conjunction of the sacred power channels of Jupiter and Saturn, a unique opportunity of our spiritual growth arises. Together, they open the way for us, not just Saturn to know and live our highest Truth. The Stage is set, here and now.

On 21st December, the Day of great conjunction itself, the Divine character appears on the stage, arm in arm and the first act of new spiritual era begin, for our soul delight. Whatever progresses we have made on our spiritual journey have led us to this specific moment and we are ready to access to receiving huge protection circle against negativity.

On this night of December 21st, these 2 giant planets are coming so close, it’s like they are hugging each other. These 2 giant planets have not appeared so close since 16th July 1623. Before, the closest observable Jupiter and Saturn conjunction was in medieval times in the year 1226 and the next occasion when this 2 Gas Giant planets will come comparably close on 15th March 2080.You can imagine the Solar system to be like race track with each of the planet, as a runner in their own lane and the Earth towards the center of the Stadium. In this new beginning, usher into the New year with power of Rudraksha – Natural Elixir to the Mankind. It holds spiritual, astrological and scientific relevance. They channelize positive energy and imbibe a rejuvenating and calming impression on mind and body. So, empower yourself with power of Rudraksha, we at Rudrajyoothi recommend a suitable combination according to the need and purpose, we also energies and activate your Rudraksha combination through an ancient Rudraksha activation process that unlocks the dormant power of spiritual beads, making the divine energy easily accessible.When you wear it, blessing you with peace, power and protection from negativity. To learn more about Sacred Rudraksha and benefits, please visit www.rudrajyoothi.com

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