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Natures Elixir to the Mankind – The Wonder Bead –Rudraksh

Natures Elixir to the Mankind – The Wonder Bead –Rudraksh

ganesh-rudraksha pendant-
  • It Brings Healing & Peace of Mind 
  • Shields from Negativity
  • Powerful Tool to manifest your Intentions
  • Increases your Soul Power
  • Good Luck surrounds you…

Nowdays in whole world, almost 90% of the people face health issue due to their lifestyle choices. Due to a fast-paced life we are faced various lifestyle diseases and psychological problems. When analysed deeply, we found out that the root cause is the imbalance in our mind, body and soul. 

We get caught up, stuck in our minds, thinking, worrying about things in the past or the future. Our ancient texts hold a magical remedy for these self-inflicted human problems and that is – Rudraksha. It transforms us. Rudraksh helps us to live in present moment nullifying anxiety making us accept the present state. It helps in handling pressures much more peacefully and respond with clarity

Rudraksha beads are regarded significant from the ancient times. As described in the Shiva Purana, Rudraksha tree was formed by the tear drops of Lord Shiva and has great healing and scientific properties. It is mentioned that Rudraksha cures various diseases and has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Rudraksha strengthens our mind to fight all odds in life.

Often due to ignorance, people associate the Rudraksha with specific religion, but various scientific research conducted world-wide have time and again proved that Rudraksha due to its Electro-Magnetic properties works magically on our body. It channelizes positive flow of energy and leaves a rejuvenating and calming impression on our mind and body.

Scientific Relevance of Rudraksha:

  • Stabilising: Our body is like a machine with an in-built bio-electric circuit. Each body part connects with a continuous flow of blood from the heart to the brain and then to the rest of our body. Rudraksha beads help resolve psychological problems by stabilizing our body and having calming effect on our heart and senses.
  • Dynamic Polarity– Rudraksha beads act like a magnet due to its property of Dynamic Polarity. It clears all the interferences and blockages in our body circuit like closed/ blocked nerves and veins due to its magnetic effect and make the blood flow in our body smoothly. It removes any kind of waste, pain and illness from the body and hence has an anti-ageing effect.
  • Self-Empowerment – We often come across people who exhibit special personality traits like confidence, intelligence, patience etc. The reason behind the showcase of such dispositions lies in the effective control and mechanism of the brain. One who controls the mind controls life. Rudraksha beads of certain Mukhi/ face acts as a personality shaper and helps its wearer to send restricted or only calculated (desired) positive brain signals. This helps the human in achieving and modifying the desired behavioural qualities or characteristics.
  • Dielectric Benefits– Rudraksha beads infuse us with a positive attitude. Scientific studies prove that Rudraksha beads have dielectric properties, which means that they act as a storage unit for any excessive or bad energy. Whenever we are stressed out, physically or mentally, our body produces more energy which if not stored or burned, creates problem in our body leading us to hypertension, anxiety and other disorders. Rudraksha beads stabilise this unwanted energy source and improves our nervous system and balance those excessive hormones. 
  • Anti-Inflammation Benefits– Rudraksha beads have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Drinking the water of soaked Rudraksha will build your resistance towards various diseases. It is a rich source of Vitamin C.

Astrological Relevance of Rudraksha – 

As per the modern Astrologers and Researchers; Rudraksha is used for removing the malefic planetary effects.  There are twenty-seven Constellations. Each has control of one of the Nine Planets. Some related Rudraksha controls each constellation. Therefore, according to these constellations, various multifaceted Rudraksha are worn (Control planets) and is found useful in multi-discipline. The Multifaceted or Mukhi Rudraksha, which has various planets residing on it, always receive energy from, related planet. Its power of receiving energy is tremendous and it works like a reservoir. It not only receives energy; it is also known for emitting energy continuously.

What is your experience with Rudraksh and what are things which turns you to do this practice?

I am practicing meditation since I was 18 years old. Then I was introduced to this miraculous bead Rudraksha by my friend. I learned that it is a seed from a holy tree and it is recognized for its spiritual powers. Many men and women have been wearing them since thousands of years. While I was exploring Ujjain I learned a lot about natural power bead Rudraksha. They are a “short-cut” to receiving divine energy. But proper use of a suitable rudraksh is important. The subject intrigued me so I researched it further.

You can buy Rudraksha malas from almost everywhere in India. Many are fake, made of seeds carved to look like Rudraksha. Others, even though they’re real, feel flat, energetically. For some people, selling them is just a business. For others, they’re symbolic, like a tradition. But, if you don’t have the deeper spiritual understanding and techniques needed to unlock the full power of these objects—or any ‘power’ object—you’re sort of missing the mark.

You can feel their power when you simply touch them or wear them and, you can see the effects in your life once you start wearing them. For me, it’s a perfect way to touch people’s hearts and lives through this medium and a way for them to receive powerful spiritual blessings.

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